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Banana Chocolate Spread

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Tasty can be that simple. We just put some bananas and chocolate together and mix it with a little bit of water to get the right consistency. We end up with an incredibly intense and yummy Banana Chocolate Spread that tastes like bananas and chocolate. Use it for a sweet (but actually not so sweet) spread on bread or toast, or put it on your porridge or on pancakes and enjoy a delicious mix of bananas and chocolate. We use dark chocolate to get a more intense chocolate flavour – and to reduce sugar content. Compared to other Chocolate and Nut spreads, our spread is reduced nearly 70% in sugar content (referring to the leading Hazelnut Spread out there, which has a total sugar content of 56.3%, while our Banana Chocolate Spread has a total sugar content of 18.2% – that is a reduction of 67%).
Made in Ireland