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D.I.Y Sweet Table Package

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Sweet table in a box with a D.I.Y Sweet table package why spend over the odds on a sweet table? This D.I.Y package is great and convenient with all jars full of sweets and sweet trees ready and assembled the hard work is done, all you have to do is place the package onto a table or cart and you have your own sweet table for a fraction of the price. 

accessory package is also available.

please note you get to keep everything also the sweet trees are made for you.  

D.I.Y Sweet table contains:

 20 Bars choose from: dip dabs / stinger bars / refreshers

5x large jars of sweets

1x  Sweet tree chose from mallow /flying saucers or a barbie mallow sweet tree.


Once order is placed we will email you to confirm your order and date of delivery or pickup.  delivery available