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Lace up / corset back kit in white (make your bridal gown a larger size or redesign your gown)

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Transform any bridal gown with our corset back kit avalible in over 100 colours and all sizes. Ideal for buying a sample gown thats too small and you need a larger size not to panic just add a lace up back and it will make it a larger size in minutes without taking away from the style of the gown. Or maybe you want to redesign your gown with a nice feature or splash of colour. Our bridal back kits are made from the most luxury bridal satin fabrics. 
cant see your shade or not in options below email us at 
  • Designed and Made in Ireland / spain
  • Corset Kit includes two ready to install fabric loops parts, matching modesty panel, and a matching lace-up tie.
  • The loop parts are reinforced for strength. Constructed with sewable boning for a professional finish and easy installation. No extra fabric that adds bulk to your dress.
  • Simple to install, even over a zipper in 3 easy steps. 
  • Go with the original Laceéis Corset Kit! Replace the zipper or buttons on your dress for a professional perfect fit!